The SAGE Handbook of International Corporate and Public Affairs is out!

This new edition of The SAGE Handbook of International Corporate and Public Affairs builds on the success of the first edition (Handbook of Public Affairs, 2005) by comprehensively updating, extending and enhancing the content and structure, setting a new standard for the practitioner and student of the global corporate and public affairs disciplines. The new […]

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Scandals: Money and Access in UK
Westminster UK

by Conor McGrath “Throughout its history, lobbying in the UK has suffered from reputational (mis)perceptions, and failed to achieve widespread public legitimacy and understanding. Most lobbying scandals relate either to financial relationships between interest groups and politicians or to the personal access to politicians enjoyed by individual lobbyists. During the nineteenth century, for instance, it […]

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Slovenia: parliamentarism with a neo-corporatist flavour
Parliament Slovenia

by Danica Fink-Hafner “The institutional opportunity structure for lobbying in Slovenia is not only determined by parliamentary  constitutional choice and a proportional electoral system […], but also some institutional veto points. Among the most critical institutionally determined veto points are the National Council’s suspending veto which can order the National Assembly to revote on a […]

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